Hurricane Laura Relief

Our home town of Lake Charles was devastated by Hurricane Laura. Almost every building in our city was severely damaged by the storm; some residents completely lost their homes; there are businesses that will never recover and some churches that will not open their doors again.

While Vineyardlc also incurred a great deal of damage, we are dedicated now more than ever to serving our community. We have set ourselves up as a distribution hub for south Lake Charles and are giving out water, food, cleaning products, gas, and more. We have crews coming to help tarp roofs, clean peoples houses, pull up carpet, and do whatever else needs to be done for Lake Charles to recover.

God has been so good to us so far, and we believe in his everlasting faithfulness. While our church was damaged, our spirit has not. If you would like to donate so we can keep spreading the love and providing supplies and labor to the relief efforts, click the button below. Whether it's a lot or a little, we appreciate every penny.